Why Can’t Teachers Wear Jeans?

why cant teacher wear jeans

Anyone involved in the career of human education feels this path does not seem easy. There are many things that will dictate the way you behave, one of which is how the teacher wears something at school. I have a strict father and he has been a teacher for 40 years of his life. Throughout …

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Can You Have Jeans Taken Up?

Can You Have Jeans Taken Up

Taking up jeans refers to the process of downsizing the jeans, no matter the side seams, back seams (or crotch seams) or waistband of the pants. Most people who wear ordinary jeans with some percentage of elastane or spandex will start to feel an obvious amount of sag after a long period of regular use. …

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Can You Use Transfer Paper On Jeans?

I grew up passionate about having massive tattoo stickers on my hands. We just stick the sticker somewhere in the middle of our hands and press hard for a few seconds.  We take the plastic paper out (the stuff that covers the printed part from the outside), and boom, we’ve just got a fun tattoo …

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Do Jeans Shrink in Width or Length?

Do jeans shrink in length or width

When you put on your brand new jeans without pre-washing and find out they fit perfectly and comfortably on every corner of your curve, it’s a good thing. But if your jeans snuggled up right after the first wash, that doesn’t mean you’ve gained weight just because of a few cookies you ate at afternoon …

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Why do my jeans always gap in the back?


The widest part of my hips reaches approximately 50 inches, while my waist is only about 25 inches wide. I know my shape looks just like the sort of authentic American woman’s body type that the men here love. Sounds great, but that’s why I’ve always struggled with having some gaps between my jeans and …

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Can You Wear Jeans To A Wedding?

Can You Wear Jeans To A Wedding

About 10 years ago, I was invited to a friend’s wedding, and the dress code on the invitation was “jeans.” I was surprised because, at that time, the fashion for jeans was only considered street wear. I secretly admire the openness of my friend and her fiancé. Of course, I’d love to dress in jeans …

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Why Does The Zipper On My Jeans Show?

Why Does The Zipper On My Jeans Show

Jeans are more of a great fashion sense; they come with a great expectation of function as well. I even wear them 5–7 days a week. Not surprisingly, in my wardrobe are more than 10 pairs of jeans designed with different materials, colors, and patterns. But that doesn’t mean my jeans are perfect all the …

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Do Jeans Need To Be Washed Before Hemming?

Do Jeans Need To Be Washed Before Hemming

Who needs to hem their jeans? I guess this problem often happens to men since they are likely to choose lengthy jeans to wear with cowboy boots or dress shoes on a daily basis. From my previous experience, only women wear ankle jeans. So, will men tend to hem their jeans more than women do? …

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