Why Do Jeans Go With Everything?

If you take a walk around Times Square, even in the middle of the week, you will probably count approximately 7/10 people who are rushing down the street wearing jeans, no matter what type of jeans they are.

More than 10 years after the production of the first pair of jeans, in 1886, Levi added a leather tag to his jeans. This made the pants look pretty and more eye-catching. Since then, jeans have been constantly changed and transformed to become one of the most popular types of clothing in the world.

leather tag on Levi jeans

Jeans, with their denim fabric, never go out of style. If you ever threw away a pair of wide-leg jeans 15 years ago in a corner of your closet, you can now pull them out and get them on your legs again as the wide-leg jeans trend is on its way to making a comeback in your life in coming years.

You can’t wear jeans to work? Well, yes, but that was a story from 20 years ago. These days, jeans bring a great sense of creativity and individuality, and that’s what your boss wants rather than rigidly obeying and following instructions.

But, of course, that is not always acceptable. Just like it is not allowed to let a judge wearing jeans deliver a proper sentence in court.

Jeans can go with anything to a certain extent. What else makes jeans go with everything?

Why do jeans go with everything?

There could be endless reasons why jeans are still a great item of all time. But if you ever wonder why, here are the answers.

1. Never have to sacrifice the comfort

Most jeans are made from 100% cotton denim (denim), which offers great flexibility and comfort. Denim fabric is mainly used for its sturdy and durable properties. Traditionally, denim is woven with cotton yarn. However, when this composition is blended with polyester, the problem of fabric shrinking and wrinkles in denim is greatly reduced.

It’s not surprising that you feel comfortable wearing jeans all day. This material has the ability to stretch right after you put on your legs and mold to your shape pretty well.

Therefore, jeans will not put stress on your thighs, buttocks, or waist when standing up and sitting down continuously.

But not all jeans have high stretch and elasticity. If you’re seeking this feature, you probably want to go with a polyester and elastane composition of 20% or more in the jean.

Most denim is breathable (trust me!). If you have ever had a short trip in the desert, you will completely agree with me.

The fibers of denim are double woven, and thanks to that, they do not conduct heat while maintaining their ventilation capacity. On the other hand, cotton denim is also able to absorb sweat and moisture. For that reason, the body’s temperature is regulated when wearing jeans in the sun.

2. Endless options for everything

When someone mentions khaki or linen, we think of a hot, monochromatic, rigid pair of pants-often worn with a suit or worn as work pants. But when it comes to jeans, you can almost find anything you want for any dressed-up purpose.

You need something hippy. Faded blue, wrinkled boyfriend jeans or straight-legged jeans with cowboy boots, along with some hippy/vintage/Boho bracelets, necklaces, or rings, is all you need to make up the style.

Women wear short cowboy boots and jeans

What about jeans at work? No worry, if blue jeans look too casual and informal to be a part of business attire, black jeans or white jeans are a much more recommended option.

Who says jeans can only be blue or their blue variation? Let me tell you something: jeans can be as colorful as a rainbow.

Therefore, a pair of black wide-legged, skinny or boot-cut jeans with elegant pointed-toe cowboy boots brings all the fashion, professionalism, and comfort to your long working day.

Women wear jeans with cowboy boots standing on the train tracks

Yet, keep in mind that you should not go with jeans with deep cut-outs at the knee or jeans that are too faded from the thigh down. This may not be very welcome in some offices in the US.

3. Your butt always looks good

Your butt will never go wrong when wearing jeans. Interestingly, our buttocks often look fuller and larger when wearing jeans.

Even if you have a bust that isn’t exactly perfect (they can look off-kilter, too big, or too small), jeans can help balance out your butt shape and make it look better overall.

This is true for both men’s and women’s jeans. Butt lifting design with tight-fitting silhouettes around the hips and buttocks will help push the butt bigger.

Womens wearring jeans to show their attractive butts

However, you won’t feel any discomfort because denim can stretch out quickly as soon as you put the pants on, and then, they will mold to your butt all day long.

Besides, the large pockets on both sides of the pants are also an important highlight to help push the butt size to look bigger than usual—something that every woman desires.

That’s not all, though!

High-waist jeans are perfect for creating a great illusion of long and slender legs. Meanwhile, skinny jeans are such a style saver for slender girls. You have more elegance and style now instead of giving a super skinny and unhealthy look.

Last but not least, boot cut and flared jeans work just fine to cover your chubby thighs and hips while balancing your body shape pretty well.

4. Excellent durability

There is no question about the durability of denim. It is probably second only to specialized materials used in the military, such as Cordura or Denier Nylon. The denim used to make jeans uses a double-weave method that makes them stronger and longer-lasting.

Man wear jeans working on the train tracks

The origin of jeans was to serve the needs of gold miners. Therefore, this type of pant requires extremely high durability to avoid being easily torn and scratched. And so far, jeans still retain this characteristic.

This fabric is very difficult to fray or shrink after many washes. The shelf life of jeans can be up to several years or longer if properly cleaned and maintained. With this outstanding feature, jeans are used by many people, especially those who have to do heavy-abused manual jobs such as construction site workers or hunters.

Especially with jeans, you won’t need to wash them as often (I know it feels good!) because they are usually good at resisting dirt. They also have good insulation to keep the cold out of your body.

However, to buy really good jeans, let’s pay attention to the following:

The seam of jeans

The stitching around the hem, five pockets, and crotch areas of jeans says a lot about their quality. You can see these stitches as straight, zig-zag, circular, or oval-shaped. However, they need to be done consistently without causing the fabric to shrink at any angle.

Therefore, the sewing thread used should also be thick and strong, so they don’t easily come apart due to friction while wearing. When you apply force to stretch the seam, you should not see the thread clearly show up and the structure of the seam is badly stretched. If so, your jeans are not well constructed.

The seam of the jeans

Weight of jean fabrics

Some fabrics may not use this indicator to judge their quality. However, when it comes to jeans fabric, especially 100% cotton jeans, they should weigh 340g or more. This proves that the fabric’s construction provides the ideal thickness for better wear resistance and protection. You can check this information on the pants tag.

These materials can be tough in the first place, but they will soften after a single wash. However, this may only apply to medium and heavy jeans. The stretchy denim jeans, like the skinny jeans line, are usually much softer and lighter.

Jean buttons

Jeans buttons

Buttons on jeans are often rated as one of the hardest and sturdiest devices. They are sometimes not sewn with thread in the usual way but are fixed straight through the layer of the material with something like button pins.

In general, if jeans buttons are placed loosely, they won’t be able to withstand the pressure of needing to hold up the jeans firmly while wearing them.

Besides, plastic jeans buttons are never a good idea. They break way more easily. You can try shaking the jeans vigorously to check if the buttons move like an earthquake or not. If yes, you know the answer.

5. Go with any top and footwear

Jeans have endless options, as mentioned above. That’s why you also have endless ways to mix and match jeans with other items.

An ordinary pair of blue skinny jeans just needs to be combined with different tops and footwear, and you can create a whole new style, whether formal or informal. If khaki pants are generally only worn with dress shoes, jeans can be worn with high heels, sandals, sneakers, boots, or even flat shoes or slippers.

Womens walking in their jeans and colorful top

Besides, jeans will not mess up your overall outfit color, even if you wear a pair of red high heels with a yellow shirt.

Most jeans are neutral colors like blue or black with dark tones or light tones. The smooth texture on the pants makes them a base for other light-toned items, so they help balance out the tones in your fashion.

However, I still encourage you to choose elegant styles when wearing jeans with tops and footwear.

For example, if you wear dark-shaded jeans, you can wear them with any top in any color. The footwear should be the same tone as the tops.

If you go with light-toned jeans, you should choose tops in neutral colors or dark shades like white or dark navy blue. Always remember to create a color association between tops and footwear when worn with jeans.

6. Nothing better for extra sizes

People are getting more and more chubby. That’s why the Victoria’s Secret shows are no longer the epitome of flawless beauty. Women’s fashion and beauty trends need to include oversized bodies that were once viewed as imperfect.

Chubby girls wear jeans

Thanks to the ability to comfortably fit any body shape, jeans have always become the best friend of extra sizes in all situations. Some of my friends whose butts exceed 50 inches have no way out to show their shape in linen, kate, or umi pants.

Light and stretchy jeans will help them feel confident and comfortable all day long. In addition, jeans are very durable. You will rarely see your jeans get broken in the middle of bending your back (unless your jeans are of very low quality).

Besides, jeans have good breathability. We all tend to feel hotter as we gain weight. Jeans help regulate body temperature better than most other materials. Finally, jeans make your butt look great, even though it’s oversized.

7. Hide stains much better

This is not to say that jeans can cover all stains. Neutral blue jeans with a layer of discoloration (fabric patterns) on the surface of the material are the ones that are best able to hide stains.

They give the illusion that the stain is almost invisible to the naked eye, especially when it comes to light dust and dry mud stains, since these stains can be evident on plain khaki or linen surfaces.

Men wear jeans with little stans on back jeans

However, this does not mean that bold stains such as coffee, some drops of sauce or lipstick will also be hidden. They are colors that contrast with the color of the jeans, so they are unlikely to be masked.

8. Great protection

Denim has strong textures. They are woven from thick yarns and use a double weaving technique. Therefore, their resistance to friction and wear will be relatively high.

Cowboys wear jeans

When you wear jeans, the bottom of the jeans is often flattened and discolored when you wear the pants and sit for a long time. However, they are usually not abraded but are actually pressed thinner. Meanwhile, any other cotton material is sensitive to abrasion.

They can even tear or leak holes without you even knowing it. That’s why miners use thick denim as the main material for their work pants. If you do heavy-duty manual work, you should choose 100% cotton denim jeans to ensure durability and safety.

Although this type of denim does not stretch right out of the bag, it will stretch over time. These denim jeans have a low heat transfer while providing good wear resistance and anti-abrasion.

9. Jeans are getting approved more and more at work

The era of traditional business attire with white shirts and black pencil skirts has ceased to exist worldwide.

As technology gradually takes over most aspects of business today, people are also becoming more comfortable with dressing at work, as long as you can do the best job assigned. IT workers are one of the largest kinds of occupations that are highly engaged in jeans.

Womens wear jeans at office work

These pants help them feel most comfortable when sitting all day long. Stretchy jeans also do not affect their feet’ blood circulation, causing little impact on the health of workers when this is one of the most stressful jobs.

Sometimes you can still wear jeans to meet clients for business purposes. But keep in mind to include courteous and professional blazers or suits in your overall look with jeans and high heels or professional dress shoes.

10. A symbol of individuality, freedom and confidence

Women wear jeans and sit on the rock

Interestingly, we all feel an inner freedom and confidence when wearing jeans.

This largely comes from the comfort that the pants bring the wearer. In addition, you can feel the spirit of freedom and non-binding when wearing jeans, something that any work uniform does not want to create for you.

Everyone is equal when they wear jeans. Anyone can afford to buy a pair of jeans and throw them away whenever they want. Those are the spiritual reasons that tell you why jeans have always been an important part of our lives.

Some last words

We all love wearing jeans, and jeans can go with everything you want. Anyone can become either flashy or elegant and unique in style when wearing jeans.

Above all, they are excellently durable as long as you know how to pick top-quality ones.

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